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Nestled in the hills of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, there is no place or people more dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals.  We are hard working folks with a common goal keeping in mind the "love of the breed".   Although this rescue is dedicated to English and French Bulldogs, we welcome all inquires as we work closely with other rescues and can assist with the surrender, rescue and care of all breeds!  We are located in PA, but are open to out of state adoptions if that "perfect fit" of a furever home is out there!  Things around here change daily so please visit us often!

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This is Calena!  She's a beautiful healthy 8 month old American Bulldog that has some "hip" issues.  She has a luxating patella, on possibly both sides.  This is a condition where the hips didn't develope properly and can easily slip out of socket when she's active, such as play and running.   She needs to have surgery that will correct the problem, and help her get on her way to a healthy happy life as an adult!  Calena was originally bred for show but this put her out of the running.  Thankfully her breeder saw their clear to contact us and we are so very grateful for the chance to help her.  So now she's with us until she's well and we love her!

Calena's foster parents are working with her because when she came to us she could barely walk up two steps and now she can run up a full flight.  She's come a long way and her strength and muscle tone will truly help for a speedy recovery so she gets her daily walks and exercise that makes all the difference. 

Along with her beauty comes a stellar personality,  She loves other dogs, and we still don't know about cats, she is wonderful with kids of all ages, and her temperament is loving and gentle.

And of course we always send our "kids" to PVSEC for diagnostics and for difficult surgeries and illness' .  Calena is doing well but it's inevitable that she needs to have this surgery.  Her blood work showed up some issues with round worms and Giardia so as we treat her for that, we are planning on her surgery and we need help!  This surgery is necessary and will be expensive.  If you would like to help by sponsoring Calena, please send your donation through the green "donate" button on the left of your screen and we will contact you for your "message" to be posted as her sponsor.  Thank you all so much for past and present support, and for the opportunity and priviledge to help this wonderful Bulldog.