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Nestled in the hills of the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, there is no place or people more dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals.  We are hard working folks with a common goal keeping in mind the "love of the breed".   Although this rescue is dedicated to English and French Bulldogs, we welcome all inquires as we work closely with other rescues and can assist with the surrender, rescue and care of all breeds!  We are located in PA, but are open to out of state adoptions if that "perfect fit" of a furever home is out there!  Things around here change daily so please visit us often!

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Rescue , rehabilitate, and rehome French, English, Olde English and American Bulldogs, providing medical, physical and emotional support before adoption.

Rescues make the greatest family pets!

Keystone Bulldog Rescue of SWPA , Inc in Ligonier, PA.

Phone / FAX 1-888-390-6263

Located but not limited to Southwestern Pennsylvania, servicing these wonderful breeds ! Dedicated to the care of homeless, neglected and abused French, English, Olde English, and American Bulldogs needing a safe and loving home.

Our office hours are: 24 / 7

for emergencies, please call 724-420-3004

Our Newest Addition

Treasure !







In rescue we have a lot of stories to tell.  But I want to share one that melted our hearts and strengthened our faith in God and his people.

I got a message the other day from a woman that asked me to call her.  Nothing unusal about that, but I didn't's recognize the name.  So I did call her, and she began to tell me her story.

She said that they had a beautfiul American Bulldog since he was a puppy, and he grew up with their children.  He started to develop problems with his hips.  They were heart broken to learn that their dog had a debilitating condition in his hips causing much pain and lack of mobility in his hind end.  They tried to hold on to him as long as they could paying these exhorbitant fees to the vet that diagnosed his death sentence and told them to be merciful and put him down to end his suffering.  This devastated that family; he was their child too.  But they did the selfless act of taking him to the shelter at their veterinarian's advice to end his pain since there was no more the Dr. could do.  That was on December 3rd 2014.

That entire family, Mom, Dad, and children were devastated;  they mourned and sobbed throughout the holidays missing him.  They didn't even part with his things and then someone sent them to Keystone Bulldog Rescue.

Turns out that their beloved boy that they mourned for was our own Hampton!!

It was a misdiagnosis by the vet, and that the shelter saw no problem with his hips. So they called us to help him, and well, you all will read the rest of his unbelievable story on his sponsor page coming soon.

For now, Hampton will remain in our care. He needs so much, and understandably, the family is working to help but can't afford this on their own.  They are so grateful to know that he is alive, and we are managing his pain.  They are overwhelmed at the fact that there is hope for his condition to be corrected with surgery, and that he could live a long time to come, and enjoy a quality of life.

Hampton is only 2 yrs old.  This family wants to work to help him in hopes of some day he can be healthy enough to be adopted.  We at Keystone Bulldog Rescue of SWPA are committed to making him well as humanly possible.  You never know where he could end up?  I can't think of a better place for him to recover then with the ones who love him and most importantly who he loves.  So as he is in foster care with his previous family, they are helping us help him! It's nothing short of a miracle.  Whatever it takes, it's all about Hampton.  Like I have said before and truly believe:  


Way to go buddy, we knew you were special!

We would like to THANK EVERYONE for donations sent for this special guy!

We are a registerd 501c3 non profit charity, so your donations are tax deductible.



AFTER MAJOR COMPLICATIONS PREPPING FOR AN MRI, and emergency surgery it was Hamptons surgeons that said he was no longer a candidate for anethesia of any kind.  So it was decided that his issues would be maintained with medication to live out the rest of his natural life.  We are grateful to the Neurologist and staff at PVSEC, but mostly his family that love him and keep him close .  End result he is comfortable and happy and we can't ask for more than that.


 UPDATE: Poor Hampton had a disruption in his cervical spine, either a tumor or overgrowth of bone that could have been anywhere of 1 to 4 places.  So we moved to getting him an MRI, but that is when the complications with his breathing set in.  He would panic in the testing room, and as his temperature would rise, he would try to pant and his airway would close. He nearly died during the testing and required an emergency elongated palate surgery and an opening of the nostrils and a full day of heavy flow oxygen in ICU.  During all of this time, it was Hampton's family who kept him calm, so they could get the airway out.   Following this scare, Hampton's doctor said that he was no longer a candidate for surgery of his cervical spine. Today, Hampton is back at home with his loving family, having his pain and symptoms managed with medication as per his neurologist at PVSEC.  Hampton's mom reports, "if it wasn't for Lorraine, I wouldn't have my Hampton back.  He is doing really good.  The meds are keeping him very comfortable.  He is a happy boy!" 

before his illness

recent pictures


Our baby girl Madison . . Maddie was ADOPTED into a family of other padded bum babies!  A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of you who helped us to raise money for her testing procedures, hospital stays, medications, and personal care needs.  Updated pictures coming soon...

Adopted !!

Congratulations Duke!!

keep on truckin!

Adopted !!

Congratulations Angel!

Adopted !

Congratulations Bernie !

Adopted !!!

Congratulations Brutus and Mollie!!



Adopted !!

Congratulations Dallas!!

Many thanks to Amy Thurston for givng our Dallas the chance to be happy and healthy for the rest of her life! Happy Dance!


Adopted !

Congratulations Baylee!


From Homeless, To Flying High, To Home! 

God bless all the Angels in her path!

Welcome Home Baylee ! (was Momma)

Have a good life sweetheart, you so deserve it!